Adjusting Thule Glide 2 Drift

By hernil

This isn’t really “dev”-y at all but sometimes there’s just a missing piece of information on the internet that needs some elaborating.

We have a Thule Glide 2 running stroller / buggy that we are super happy with. Highly recommended if you are in the market for a running one. It handles even pretty rough terrain well as and long as you don’t mind slowing down for the really rough patches you’ll be surprised of where you can take this. Note: This is the Glide 2 - not the Urban Glide!

Anyway, as with all things sometimes you have to do minor adjustments. I felt that the Glide was drifting slightly to the left when running which got a bit annoying compensating for. Turns out it’s pretty easy to adjust the front wheel.

According to Thule

Thule Glide 2 adjustment instructions

This is how to adjust the stroller drift according to Thule's own manual. To me it wasn't entirely clear how to adjust a left drift from that explanation.

My experience

I decided to test it in the hallway instead of having a whole run with wrongly adjusted wheel balance. Same starting point, and “neutral” push forward. Then I loosened the left screw, thus extending it and it corrected my left drift. I guess tightening the right screw would have rendered similar results.

Hopefully this can save someone from trial and error before their next run. Here’s the manual the illustration is from.

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